Skin health is maintained by a balance of moisture and oil.

Maintaining sufficient hydration and nutrition supply is important in daily care. The three intrinsic physiological functions of the skin maintain beautiful skin by working in a constant and well-balanced manner.

Morus Alba Root Extract (Mulberry Bark Extract)

This extract, which is extracted from dried mulberry root skin, is used in Chinese medicine to prevent high blood pressure and as well as to recover from fatigue and as a tonic. Also, the ingredients that keep skin white suppress melanin pigmentation and have the effect of preventing liver spots and freckles. They also have a moisturizing effect, and are useful in caring for rough sunburned skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate

Hyaluronic acid is a mucopolysaccharide that exists in all tissues of organisms. It has a strong water retention effect (to maintain 6 liters of water in 1g) when used in cosmetics. Unlikely to be impacted by the exterior environment, it has the same water holding capacity under conditions of high and low humidity and helps maintain fresh and youthful skin.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

An herb of the Labiatae family (rosemary), its aroma produces a calming cool sensation, and it is said to be used to help in the recovery of mentally weakened people. And while preventing the generation of active oxygen which causes aging of the skin, it strengthens the skin and fosters healthy skin.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Also known as Panax ginseng, it is grown in regions around Korea and China. Treasured for its medical use since ancient times, it is used as a tonic and stomach medicine. Its main ingredients are saponin, amino acid, vitamins and glucoside. It is used to promote metabolism and blood circulation and to activate cells.


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