Privacy Policy

The Family Health Management Research Association (Katei Kenko Kanri Kenkyukai) (hereinafter, “the Association”) puts the trust of its members first, and considers the proper and confidential handling of members’ personal information as an important duty of the Association. To that end, we have established a “Privacy Policy” regarding members’ personal information, and will thoroughly implement the methods for the handling of personal information among all secretariat staff and related organizations. The details of the policy are as described below. Further, with regard to members’ personal information that is already held and used by the Association, this will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

The handling of personal information

The acquisition of personal information

The Association collects personal information by legal and fair means. When requesting members to provide personal information, the purpose of collection and details of use are first disclosed in advance, and personal information then collected by the Association within the scope of the Association’s legitimate business, and to the extent required in order to achieve those aims.

Use and sharing of personal information

Personal information collected by the Association will be used within the scope of the consent obtained from the person who provides the information, and within the scope of the purpose for which it was collected. With regard to the purpose of use, this shall be limited to matters necessary to achieve the goals of the Association, within the scope of its legitimate business, and within the “Scope of purpose of use” described below.

Scope of purpose of use

  • Communication for business purposes
  • Provision of information on services handled by the Association
  • Responses to inquiries or requests from members
  • Other purposes for which advance notification has already been sent to members, and their consent obtained.

If it becomes necessary to use a member’s personal information for any purpose other than the above, the member’s consent shall be obtained for that use, unless permitted by law.

Provision of personal information to third parties

The Association will not provide a member’s personal information to any third party without the member’s consent. However, this does not apply in the case of special circumstances, such as legal obligations that the Association must comply with, in accordance with pertinent laws or other standards applicable to personal information.

Procedures governing the disclosure or correction, etc., of personal information

If a member wishes to refer to, correct, or delete any personal information that they have provided, they should address their request to the inquiry contact desk. When it can be confirmed that the request has been made by the member themselves, the member’s personal information will be disclosed, corrected or deleted within a reasonable period of time, except in cases where the request would cause significant hindrance to the business of the Association.

Handling charges for the disclosure, etc., of personal information

The Association may ask the person requesting disclosure (having been identified as the member themselves) to bear the cost of any handling charges required for the disclosure, etc. In that case, the Association will clarify the fact in advance.

Compliance with laws and standards regarding the protection of personal information

The Association will comply with all pertinent laws and standards relating to the protection of personal information that apply to personal information held by the Association. In addition, this policy will be judged according to the laws and standards of Japan. The policy stipulates the Association’s basic policy regarding the handling of personal information and the Association will strive to protect personal information in accordance with pertinent laws and regulations, such as the Personal Information Protection Law, in accordance with this policy.

Security and management of personal information

The Association will protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc., establish a management system to ensure accuracy and security, and implement appropriate security measures. In addition to restricting the entry of unauthorized persons into offices that handle personal information, we will conduct education and training for all officers and staff involved in the protection of personal information of the Association, and work to ensure that personal information is managed appropriately under the control of a responsible and competent manager.

Continuous improvement

The Association will continuously review and improve its efforts to protect personal information in order to respond to any changes in laws and regulations, handling methods, or changes in the environment that Japan should follow.


Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information should be addressed to the following contact desk.

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