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The Family Health Management Research Association

Purpose of establishment

Purpose of activities

The Family Health Management Research Association (the Association) actively practices social activities in order to improve the friendship and quality of life of its members and to pursue a healthy and happy family life for all citizens. Members learn correct health related knowledge from each other and pass on knowledge that is needed to maintain health management in the home, to as many people as possible. The Association contributes to the well-being of local communities through this activity of “passing on” information, and that is exactly what the purpose of the Family Health Management Research Association is.

We will be happy if our members learn the “correct health related knowledge” that they need to maintain or restore their health, and incorporate that knowledge into their family lives, thereby restoring self-management and health.

The Family Health Management Research Association has continued its activities day and night with a spirit of co-existence and service for the health and happiness of the people.
That spirit will never change.
The concepts of “protecting the health of the home” and “living a useful life in the world” are the building blocks of society, and as such have significance and value.
The Association was established grounded in this these concepts, with the organization being created and nurtured by the collective effort of many members ever since.